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    Dust Extraction

    Online Catalogue |  Dust Extraction

    Dust Extractors
    Dust Extractors
    Dust Extractor Accessories
    Dust Extractor Accessories

    Dust extractors designed to make your workshop safe.

    The dust that litters your workshop can pose a fire risk, it can lower the performance of your machine, and it can pose a serious risk to your health - even low levels of exposure.
    That's why every wood worker needs a good dust extraction system. But many turn to their standard household vacuum cleaner to shift the dust from their workshop not realising it doesn't have the capabilities to deal with the fine dust produced when working with wood.
    We stock a range of dust extraction machines and accessories to ensure that you and your gear is safe.
    We sell high pressure, low volume and high volume, low pressure extractors and single motor units for smaller workshops and twin motors for larger spaces to meet with your requirements. The wheel kits on offer make it easy to move your extractor around the workspace, and our range of accessories including filters, collection bags, and new cartridges mean you can adapt your extractor to meet with the requirements of your workshop.

    Online Catalogue |  Dust Extraction